Most of us have at the very least heard of acupuncture and many have used it at some point. Perhaps for injuries and to treat all sorts of physical and mental problems from migraines to anxiety.  Yet, less known is its effectiveness in the role of aiding detoxification from substance misuse and supporting recovery throughout all stages. Specifically the use of the NADA Acupuncture Protocol.

Lovelong House NADA Practitioner Shelley Osborne-Shaw pinpoints the key facts for us:

What Is NADA acupuncture exactly?

With no connection to the Spanish language in this case , ‘NADA’ stands for National Acupuncture Detoxification Association.  The NADA protocol offered here at Lovelong house is a standardised 5 point acupuncture protocol using only points on the ear. This was developed in the late 1970s and is now used in many recovery clinics and facilities worldwide.

Discovered in 1972 in Hong Kong by Dr H.L Wen, it was primarily used for opioid addiction.

Since then, it has evolved due to demonstrating positive effects for the treatment of stress and trauma.  Really making a name for itself in the media, was its use on over 1000 patients who were treated within the first 10 days in Manhattan following the world trade centre attack. It has also been widely used in refugee camps to aid trauma, in both India and Thailand. It is now used worldwide in a variety of facilities including, over 130 correctional facilities in the UK, Pain relief/management clinics and primary mental healthcare clinics to name a few.

Benefits of NADA

Treatment relating to Addiction

It can reduce withdrawal symptoms such as

Mental and emotional benefits include:

As with most treatments, the more you have the greater the effectiveness but it’s certainly a powerful treatment proven to aid recovery.

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