Sex and Love

Sex addiction is similar to regular substance abuse as there is a powerful chemical released during sex which in fact can get an individual addicted to the activity. This addiction is often known as a process addiction; it means that one is addicted to an activity instead of a substance.

What is a sex addiction?

Relationship counselling describes the addiction as any normal sexual activity which feels ‘out of control’. This can range from any sexual activity like sex with a partner, but also to things like pornography, masturbation, prostitutes or chat lines.

For most people, these activities do not cause any problems, but for sex addicts, these activities cannot be controlled; despite the problems it may cause to their lives – that means relationships, finances or even their profession – sex addicts will carry on even with the risk of losing something they value in life.

Addiction and/or unhealthy relationships are able to lead someone into co-dependency. Essentially, this is a type of relationship where one partner supports or enables the other’s addiction – this can be sex, alcohol, drugs and much more.

Withdrawal symptoms of sex addiction

Here at Lovelong House, you will need to go through detoxification to get rid of the chemical that you may have been using as part of your sex addiction. During detox, you will have our 24-hour, highly trained nursing team looking after you every day until the substance is out of your body. There are a few withdrawal symptoms you should know about when going through detox. If the addiction is serious, you may feel worse than if the addiction wasn’t that bad and has just started. The following include:

How can we help?

After spending you first few days inside Lovelong House, you will have access to a wide range of services that we provide, which you will have access to after detox, such as yoga, meditation, group therapy and more, all made so you can feel relaxed whilst having help so you can gain your self-control back in a safe and friendly environment