Yoga is not just for the flexible, it is an ancient method which focuses on being physically and mentally strong but also, it allows you to become healthier, the longer you practice for. Restorative and Sivananda yoga are the two teaching methods usually used; in which both are a slow and methodical calming practice.

The main parts of yoga are the postures – they are a series of movements which are designed to increase ones strength, flexibility but also to exercise breathing techniques.


Yoga is known to relieve different types of pain – mental and physical. A benefit of practicing yoga is that it is able to ease stress and induce relaxation. It also has the power to relieve anxiety and depression as the individual becomes clear minded and becomes less influenced by their mental health in the long run.

Yoga can also help with physical issues, for example, heart problems – studies show that yoga is able to improve the hearts health and reduce the risk factors of heart disease. Yoga also has the ability to increase the individuals sleeping quality – making it lengthier for anyone with physical or mental pain as it gives you a better, more relaxing night’s sleep. This is due to the fact that it clears and eases the individuals mind, allowing their entire body to relax and go into comfort. This also helps with those overcoming an addiction as it allows you to have a clear mind and therefore frees you from the thought of the substance or object you are addicted too.

Yoga not only improves ones state of mind, it can also alleviate some physical afflictions such as osteoarthritis due to the gentle nature of its improvement of flexibility and joint strengthening. This also means that yoga has the ability to strengthen the lower body parts, particularly the ankles and knees – something vital for arthritis sufferers.

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