Group therapy is experimental, therapeutic, dynamic sessions where clients will explore their own process. In an open and non-judgmental setting, clients will feel safe to start to recognise their own addictive behaviour and to promote self-development to continue in the path of recovery.


You should be expecting around 4-8 people in a typical group therapy session lasting from an hour to two. The therapy will involve one or more therapists.  The session may start with everyone introducing themselves to one another and sharing why they are in group therapy. Members may also share their experiences and progress since the last session. This is an ideal way to build social skills and also form connections with others who have similar or the same experiences in life as you.


The group sessions can be very effective, especially in certain situations such as depression or traumatic stress. Group therapy sessions allow people to receive support from the therapists but also other members of the group who might have struggled from the same form of addiction. It also makes the individuals feel less alone and with company.

Within the group session, the setting will allow the individual to explore their behaviour and actions as they are in a safe and secure environment with a group. Also, when working within the group, the therapist is able to see how each person reacts to others in social situations, which enables the therapist to provide valuable feedback which later the feedback will be used to show what the individual needs to do.

When in a group therapy session, the individual is able to feel comfortable as they are not alone but with other people with similar problems – this could help as one would gain hope when on the path to recovery.

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