At Lovelong House we recognise that an effective Treatment Programme needs to look beyond the physical addiction to a substance.  So what needs to be addressed once a client decides to come to Lovelong House,  and more crucially what does Lovelong House do differently to other rehabs?

Lovelong House offers a standard Two Month treatment programme. We know that the most crucial stage of a person’s recovery is the time immediately after leaving a residential setting. The extended programme supports each client through their recovery journey from the first day entering into treatment, through to being guided after leaving Lovelong House and dealing with “real world” challenges and triggers.

Week 1 – Your Health, Mental Health and Starting your Recovery

You will be assessed by a GP where medical and detox needs are addressed. The detox regime will be managed by one of our nursing team, Blood samples will be taken for analysis and results shared with you. This process is not standard practice in most rehabs.
You will then meet with our consultant psychiatrist who will help guide you during your stay and Lovelong House. Any mental health issues will also be discussed and addressed at this point such as depression and anxiety for example. You will be assigned a focal addictions therapist who will work alongside you during your stay at Lovelong House. Each day you will be assigned a Nurse and a Support worker.

Week 2-4 – Addressing your addiction, Relapse Prevention, Coping Skills and Self-Esteem

You will continue to see our consultant psychiatrist twice a week and your focal therapist a minimum of once a week. During this time the recovery programme will include group therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy and Workshops. Because of the high staff to client ratio at Lovelong House, we are able to tailor the weekly programme towards your needs. A range of holistic therapies are also included as part of the programme. These include, Yoga, Somatic Exercises, Acupuncture and Massage.

Week 1-8  – Family Support and Education

Your family members are invited to engage in the 8 Week family programme and have family sessions facilitated by your focal therapist.

Week- 4-8-  Ongoing Support and learning in the real world

We recognise the most important time in early recovery is immediately after you return home.  In fact, it is proven that the effectiveness of any rehabilitation programme is determined by the level of continued support after leaving rehab.

After leaving Lovelong House you will continue with your recovery programme by attending during the day and returning home in the evening.  This typically would be 4 days in the first week, 3 days in the second week and so on, the number of days attended can be tailored depending on your needs.  This period is important as you will get support in recovering from your addiction as well as putting your new skills into practice.

Week 8- For Life 
Lifelong@lovelong is the weekly aftercare for life where you will receive extra support and group therapy to help to stay in recovery.

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