What is residential rehabilitation?

Residential rehabilitation is slightly different to normal rehabilitation as this is where the individual is living away from home for approximately 28 days, in order to distance the person as far from substances or things that could harm or further endorse their unhealthy lifestyle.

This is usually accompanied by other people that are suffering from similar afflictions.  As the individual coincides and co-live with each other, it allows them to talk about their issues in order to bring motivation for lifetime recovery and prevent relapse.

Why choose residential rehabilitation?

Residential rehabilitation has a much higher success rate when it comes to not relapsing and having a strong recovery.  This is mainly due to the separation of social groups that could effectively reel them back into their old lifestyle and forfeit their new one.

Group therapy set in these residential rehab centres is very effective as it encourages people in the group to help each other whilst also achieving individual development.  This is much more challenging to achieve without client rehabilitation.  It, therefore, allows each person to distance themselves from their old lives and old habits in order to keep them on track to recover from their addictions.

Is it safe?

During the stay at the housing rehab, psychiatrists and healthcare professionals will be on standby to ensure safety, or if an individual feels the need to talk to a trained professional in order to cope with the sudden change of lifestyle.

How can this make a lasting effect?

An Aftercare Program will provide continued support once the individual has completed the residential rehabilitation.  Clients will be then placed in support groups, therapy and group holistic treatments which help to prevent relapses and maintain recovery.  Not only this, but the individuals will be taught different coping mechanisms in order to better aid their recovery

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