Gambling Addiction

This type of addiction is called process addiction. This means that the individual is addicted to an activity instead of a substance. However, this can be seen as harmful as substance addiction as it can harm the individual through unhealthy behaviour, for example, gambling is able to ruin relationships and professions.

What is a gambling addiction?

It is estimated that around 600,000 people have problems with gambling just in the UK. A natural high is created when one gambles, making them addicted to it in the process. Even worse, the internet has made gambling widespread, attracting many more from their homes.

Gambling has many forms. From bingo, slot machines, scratch cards and even the lottery, to sports betting, casinos and now even gaming. One problem which most gamblers may have is when losing, they want to carry on until they have won something, losing money and harming their relationship to gambling. Afterwards, the individual’s mental health starts to deteriorate; they can suffer from low self-esteem, stress, anxiety, and depression.

How can we help?

Despite the attempts an individual may take to help themselves, not everything can be done alone, seeking help is the best option. Here at Lovelong House, an individual is able to overcome the addiction so much easier with help and in a safe and friendly environment. Our services, such as yoga, meditation, group therapy and much more are here to help you and others to overcome any addiction by giving you, your self-control back.