Drug addiction

What is drug addiction?

Drug addiction can affect an individual from a young age and stay with them until they are much older, destroying their life in the process. The repeated use of drugs can lead to long term implications such as emotional and physical issues. Self-control is one of the biggest things the individual may lose. Self-control not only allows one to think for themselves, but without self-control there is a high chance of carrying on taking drugs.

Long-term drug addiction can lead to changes in the brain, affecting functions like: learning, judgment, decision-making, stress, memory and behaviour. Even though people are aware, they continue to use drugs, harming themselves in the process.

Withdrawal during detox

Always at the beginning of a detox, the individual will have withdrawal symptoms and with every drug being different (cannabis, cocaine, heroin, codeine, Crack,prescription drugs and more) Withdrawal symptoms are all different.
There are three main mental and emotional symptoms:

There are also physical symptoms and they include:

To combat these effects, the individual first will need to go through our detoxification program; it can last from 7 to 14 days. Firstly, you will experience some withdrawal symptoms, however our qualified and highly trained nursing team will be there every step of the way in your recovery to help.

How can we help?

Despite the attempts an individual may take to help themselves, they cannot do everything alone and therefore seeking help is the best option. Here at Lovelong House, an individual is able to overcome the addiction so much easier with help and in a safe and friendly environment. After the detoxification sessions, we advise you to carry on with our wide range of therapy sessions such as yoga, meditation, group therapy and much more.