Alcohol addiction

What is alcohol addiction?

Even though alcohol is a legal substance, it still is as harmful as illegal drugs due to the fact an individual loses control over their actions when it is abused.  Which can subsequently lead to them hurting themselves or others and to even have a change in character. The body will eventually crave alcohol, making the individual feel unwell. Due to this, the individual will no longer be able to control the desire and will drink, despite knowing the consequences of doing this.

It is abused by nearly 10% of all adults in UK and often used to overcome a form of stress or ones emotional challenges in their life. Over time, alcohol abuse may lead to actions the individual may regret.

During the long-term, alcohol misuse can lead to many health issues. Organs which are known to be damaged with the misuse of alcohol include the brain, nervous system, heart, liver and pancreas. Heavy drinking in the long-term may also lead to the immune system being weakened, making the individual more vulnerable to infections. There are many long-term risks with alcohol misuse, some include:

Limit yourselves when drinking alcohol

We all know that not drinking alcohol is the safest option, but how much should an individual limit themselves to? The NHS advises people to not drink anything over 14 units a week – a regular use of alcohol over the suggested limit per week may later lead to health issues.

Withdrawal symptoms of alcohol

After an individual stops drinking and decides to go into detox, it’s likely that they’ll experience withdrawal symptoms such as mental and physical symptoms. Some symptoms include:

The detoxification therapy will last from 7 to 14 days with 24-hour, highly trained medical staff available helping the client to overcome their withdrawal symptoms. Detoxification is a process of removing the harmful toxins, poisons or other impurities. During alcohol detox, we are trying to get rid of the alcohol from one’s body. This will be carried out in a safe and friendly environment by our trained nursing team.

How can Lovelong House help?

Despite the attempts an individual may take to help themselves, they cannot do everything alone.  Seeking help is the best option. Here at Lovelong House, an individual is able to overcome the addiction so much easier with help and in a safe and friendly environment. After detox, we recommend the individual to carry on with other therapy treatments like group therapy, yoga, massages and much more.